What a crazy, busy, fun, emotional, intense week it has been. It is now Thursday 25th January. 6 days since I have arrived in Belgium. First day we visited Belgium’s capital city, BRUSSELS, and it was incredible!!


DAY 1 – Brussels



The first few days have been so lovely. My first host family are really welcoming. No time to think about home, I have been on the go, visiting different places, shopping, meeting new people, eating.. Now however reality is starting to kick in. Overwhelming but exciting, knowing so much is yet to be experienced.



AND IT SNOWED! It was such a buzz waking up and seeing the fresh snow fall, and the quaint town of Mouscron covered in a blanket of snow!

My host mother also took me to another city- Dutch region – Kortrijk. Many beautiful houses, churches, shops and food!


Kortrijk – Saint Martin’s church

My French level at the moment is very very basic, and doesn’t extend much beyond Bonjour, Merci and Au revoir! I am starting my language lessons and school next Monday. My schedule works that I have 3 hours French lessons 9-12pm, have a break and start normal school at 1-4pm. This is 5 days a week for 3 months after I feel I am picking up the lingo and than I convert to regular school hours, approx 8:30am to 4pm. At the school Institut des Frères Maristes…

I am feeling quite nervous about starting school and the language is quite difficult.


Usqu’à la prochaine fois, au revoir

Until next time, bye

(with the help of google translate)



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